Years ago Mary and I had a beautiful boat. Each time we went to board the boat we would see her name written in beautiful script across the stern: “No Excuses.” Those provocative words made us pause and think whether or not we had completed all of our tasks and responsibilities before enjoying the pleasure of a trip around the lake. It also reminded us of the fact that to be honorable Christians, if we failed our Lord or denied Him for any reason, we had “No Excuses.”

“A man’s own folly ruins his life,” are a few great words to think about often. Here’s why: Our outward behaviors are always a reflection of the values that we store deep within our hearts. And here Solomon emphasizes this fact often, unless God-centered, our decision making processes will lack sound judgment because the knowledge or wisdom or understanding does not come from God.  When we go our own way without comparing or contrasting what we are doing in light of God’s published directions, there may be problems. And if there are, unfortunately, we have “No Excuses.”

Here is a proverb that reinforces another proverb: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” Our folly – trusting our distorted instincts rather than the wisdom of our God – does not make sense if we are His followers. We have access to Him and His promises. Fools, by choice, destroy whatever opportunity God gives them by looking within for their guidance rather to Him.

While fools are their own undoing, they refuse to take any responsibility for their behavior though their “heart rages against the Lord.” It is because God has “frustrated” or “mangled” their best laid plans when they are contrary to His will. Normally, fools respond by “raging” like an angry, caged lion who cannot escape.

Prayer:  Lord, we have “no excuse” to offer You or ourselves if we refuse to accept Your wisdom. Open our heads and hearts. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture for Today: Proverbs 19:3 The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the Lord.

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